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Next NASCAR Heat Race: December 5, 2023 - Race 1 of SUPRS Empire State Super Series Regional Tour - Blind Date Night!
SUPRS Racers Dive into Blind Date
The first race of the 2019-20 Empire State Super Series Regional Tour is even more fun on Blind Date Night and the racers of the Supermodified Ultimate Pavement Racing Series, (SUPRS), are ready to dive right in.

The drivers won’t know until after practice, which of three possible tracks they are racing their winged NASCAR Heat supermodifieds on!

Time trials, two heats, and a 50 lap feature should give everyone plenty of time to make a good first impression.

Fans and friends can hang out while enjoying SUPRS LIVE! Featuring Live Timing, Scoring, Track Telemetry and Streaming Video, it’s the perfect place to cheer on your favorite SUPRS racer. Visit www.SUPRS.net/site/live.

Modification: SUPRS W v6-DOWNLOAD-Must be registered).
Track: To Be Announced (Options: Andover, Diamond, Marlboro-DOWNLOAD ALL FROM SUPRS -Must be registered)
Option 1: Paved_Andover Speedway (DOWNLOAD FROM TMS-Must be registered)
Option 2: Paved_Diamond Speedway (DOWNLOAD FROM TMS-Must be registered)
Option 3: Paved_Marlboro Speedway (DOWNLOAD FROM TMS -Must be registered)
-Race Night Times and Schedule of Events-

-Systems Checks: 7:30pm
-Official Practice (All Skate-Open Pit): 8:00-8:15pm (5 minutes each track)
-Drivers Meeting: 815pm
-Time Trials: 8:30pm
-SUPRS LIVE! Broadcast Window: 9:00pm-10:00pm
-Drivers to Cars: 9:04pm
-Green Flag Heat 1: 9:05pm
-Green Flag Heat 2: 9:08pm
-Commercial Break: 9:11pm
-Drivers to Cars: 9:12pm
-Driver Introductions: 9:12pm
-National Anthem: N/A
-Green Flag ESS Blind Date Night Feature: 9:14pm
-SUPRS LIVE! Broadcast Post-Race & Close: 9:30pm
-All Servers Closed: 10:00pm

-A SUPRS Gold Crest points event- All current SUPRS Members in good standing are eligible to run based on SUPRS procedures and rules.
-A SUPRS Empire State Super Series Regional Tour event with special handicapping and scoring.
-A SUPRS NASCAR HeatFinder.net Supermodified Challenge Public event-All drivers that have registered to race on SUPRS.net eligible to run based on SUPRS procedures and rules.
-All drivers MUST be present upon commencement of Drivers Meeting with working mic and headphones to be eligible for show points and handicapping.
-Drivers that miss the Drivers Meeting must start tail of Heat Race.
-Drivers with less than four (4) previous SUPRS races must start tail regardless of time trial or handicap.
-SUPRS Rulebook shall govern all race procedures including, but not limited to, formats, race length, penalties, etc.

Race Data Sheet:

Official Website:


SUPRS races most Tuesday evenings with Hot Laps for each event starting between 8:00 and 8:15 pm ET, Drivers Meeting at 8:30 pm, Time Trials at 8:45 pm and Racing at 9:05 pm. For bigger shows including swings we often start earlier. Our shows generally take a little over an hour from start to finish. Our NASCAR Heat events utilize: 1x Wear/ No Caution Flags / Normal Mode.

Notes on Line Ups

Most of our shows use The Points Won Handicap System, whereby a driver accumulates points for his handicap. Simply speaking, the higher a driver finishes in Time Trials, Heat and/or Feature, the more points he will receive and the higher his handicap will be. All of our Empire State Super Series Regional Tour races use a similar system, but uses just ESS finishes to determine Points Won Handicap.

On most nights the Elite 8 (top eight time trial positions), or Fast Four (top four time trial positions), will not have to run a Heat Race. They are locked into top eight or top four positions of feature and are then inverted by Pill Draw, Fast Car Dash finish, Individual Pill Draw, or Points Won Handicap.

Drivers with less than four(4) events with SUPRS will start at the tail of each race regardless of handicap points. They will receive their handicap beginning with their fourth SUPRS race.

Rarely, will you ever see a straight up start from time trials in the heats or the feature with SUPRS.

Important Info on SUPRS Files

Most of the NASCAR Heat tracks we run are available from The Mod Squad. Once a driver has joined, we have an updated track pack for each season that is available for download via our website. All rFactor files are available through SUPRS Sync.

Where to Sign Up for Series:
So that we may provide a better racing environment at SUPRS you must first Register at our website, then fill out the SUPRS Membership Join Form. If choosing to run just NASCAR Heat and not for a season championship, drivers should join SUPRS at the Silver Crest level.

Drivers wishing to compete in both NASCAR Heat and rFactor events for the SUPRS Gold Crest Championship plus awards and prizes, are required to join at the Gold Crest level by making a donation to the Dion Parish Memorial Benevolent Fund for Supermodifieds. Gold Crest Memberships are good for one calendar year from date of donation.

Series Schedule:

Learn more about SUPRS History HERE and how you can HELP injured supermodified racers with a donation the Dion Parish Memorial Benevolent Fund for Supermodifieds.

About The Empire State Super Series

The Empire State Super Series, (ESS), Regional Tour is composed of anywhere between three to six races stretched out over a period of one year and two SUPRS Gold Crest Seasons. All of the races are run at tracks in the state of New York, and each time a driver competes in an ESS event he accrues points for the Regional Tour Championship as well as for the SUPRS Gold Crest Wing Season Championship.
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