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rFactor, NASCAR Heat, Wing, Non-Wing Supermodifieds Part of Wing Side Up Twin 25s
December 1, 2019 – Goshen, IN…The Wing Side Up Twin 25s for the Supermodified Ultimate Pavement Racing Series, (SUPRS), on December 3, 2019, is a double dip of daring, challenges, nail-biting action, and thrills for supermodified sim racers willing to brave the big banks of Bristol Motor Speedway.

Two Classes, Two Sim Racing Platforms

The Wing Side Up Twin 25s have always been a challenge to win, and the event has seen fluctuation in the format since the first event was run in 2004 that add to that challenge.

After a several years of using the rFactor sim racing platform for both 25 lap features, this year drivers will do battle in the rFactor game for the wing supermodified part of the event, then switch to NASCAR Heat and their non-wing supermodifieds for the second feature. This is the first time since 2014 that NASCAR Heat will be used for any part of this race.

View Format for the 16th Annual Wing Side Up Twin 25s at Bristol Motor Speedway on the Schedule Page.

This format also includes, the SUPRSCharger, SUPRSChallenge, and DoubleDown awards, making it one of the most scintillating supermodified sim races you can find!

For example:

The SUPRSCharger is in effect for both features. This awards ten bonus points awarded to the driver that improves the most positions from his starting place.
The SUPRSChallenge pays 20 bonus points to any driver that starts last and wins either feature.

The SUPRS Double Down though, is a bonus that can quickly change a driver’s fortunes. If a driver can win both 25 lap features he gets 25 bonus points added to his Gold Crest Wing Supermodified Championship total!

While all of those may seem somewhat easy, the Double Down has only been claimed twice, (even though Gary Waldron won both 38 lap features at the first event in 2004, there was no such thing as the Double Down). Doug Heveron and John Davidson are the only drivers other than Waldron to have won both features on the same night. Heveron doing it in 2007 and Davidson in 2012.

It’s probably no surprise, that in a quick 25 lap sprint, that no driver has come from last place to claim the SUPRSChallenge at the Wing Side Up Twin 25s.

A total of 16 different drivers have won at least one feature of the Wing Side Up Twin 25s.

SUPRS Co-Founder is Long-Time Sponsor

SUPRS Co-Founder Bob Gangwer has sponsored the event since it’s inception through his website Bob Gangwer’s Wing Side Up on the World Wide Web, and it’s an event that near and dear to his heart.

“I grew up watching supermodifieds on big banked tracks like Winchester, Salem, and Toledo,” explained Gangwer. “Those were the scariest, craziest, most thrilling races I ever saw because the speed was so intense and the margin for error was so slim.”

“I always wanted to bring that nerve-wracking thrill into sim racing and when we started SUPRS in 2004, Bristol was really the only track that even came close to the ones I grew up at,” he said. “Now that we’ve run rFactor, there’s some other options out there, and we’ve considered moving the race, but everyone really likes the challenge at Bristol. So I don’t see this race going anywhere as long as I’m involved.”

Big, Bodacious Action LIVE

The SUPRS racers are ready to strap in and go hammer down in their supermodfiieds for the Wing Side Up Twin 25s on the big banks of Bristol Motor Speedway on Tuesday December 3, 2019. Official practice starts at 8pm with the Driver’s Meeting at 8:30pm. The drivers strap into their winged supermodifieds for Time Trials at 8:45 and the racing begins at 9:05pm. The non-wing supermodified 25 lap random start feature should start at about 9:30pm.

Don’t Miss the Action

Fans and friends can challenges facing their favorite supermodified sim racing daredevils with SUPRS LIVE! Featuring all the action fans can handle through a computer screen, there’s live streaming video, timing, scoring and track telemetry to enjoy. But don’t blink, because at these speeds, you might just miss the 16th Annual Wing Side Up Twin 25s at Bristol Motor Speedway!

Current Track Records:

Bristol Motor Speedway – Steve Callahan – 11.464 sec. – November 29, 2016(rF W)
Bristol Motor Speedway - Ray Sand, Jr. – 11.753 sec. – December 1, 2015(NH NW)

Defending Race Winners: Brad Keysor/Rob Warren

2004-Gary Waldron x2 (NASCARHeat-Wing/Wing)
2005-John Davidson/Bob Gangwer (NASCARHeat)
2006-Kris Heveron/Myles Maxon (NASCARHeat)
2007-Doug Heveron x2 (NASCARHeat)
2008-Jamie Hartley/Myles Maxon (NASCARHeat)
2009-Keith Powell/John Davidson (NASCARHeat-Wing/Non-Wing)
2010-John Davidson/Rob Warren (NASCARHeat-
2011-Chris Meyers/Domenic Gioia (NASCARHeat-Wing/Non-Wing)
2012-John Davidson x2 (NASCARHeat-Wing/Wing)
2013-Rob Warren/Bob Gangwer (NASCARHeat-Wing/Wing)
2014-Steve Callahan/Myles Maxon (NASCARHeat-Wing/Wing)
2015-Rob Warren/Ray Sand, Jr. (rFactor-Non-Wing/Non-Wing)
2016-Joe Achzet/Rob Warren (rFactor-Wing/Wing)
2017-Steve Callahan/Nelson Rodrigues (rFactor-Wing/Non-Wing)
2018-Brad Keysor/Rob Warren (rFactor-Wing/Non-Wing)

Total Twin Wins:

John Davidson: 5
Rob Warren: 5
Myles Maxon: 3
Steve Callahan: 2
Bob Gangwer: 2
Doug Heveron: 2
Gary Waldron: 2
Joe Achzet, Domenic Gioia, Jamie Hartley, Kris Heveron, Chris Meyers, Keith Powell, Nelson Rodrigues, Ray Sand, Jr., Brad Keysor: 1
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